Welcome to Fargo Bully Proof Kids!



What Can Our Program Do For Your Child?
The Fargo Bully Proof Kids Martial Arts Program builds higher confidence and greater self-esteem in our students so they can overcome challenges and obstacles they face in life. Because of our program, our students:

Do Better In School
– Bully Proof
– Earn better Grades
– Better behavior

Do Better In Social Situations
– Be Responsible
– Keep Safe
– Good Sportsmanship

Do Better In Life
– Goal Setting
– Leadership
– Manage Conflict


Fargo Bully Proof Kids Martial Arts Program

How Does Our Program Achieve This?
 Our Bully Proof Kids Program helps our students achieve and succeed in ways they never have before. We instill a strong sense of commitment and self-confidence that will serve your child for the rest of their lives. With Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, we can help teach your child how to overcome the challenges and obstacles life throws at them.

Their increased self-control and focus will help you see results in all aspects of their lives. Their behavior will improve, as will their school work. They will be more outgoing and make friends easier. And most importantly, your child will learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices, to keep them physically fit for the rest of their lives.

At Fargo Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy, we encourage your child to set goals and meet them. We teach them to be responsible for their own actions. And we teach them how to interact with people and proper conflict resolution.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a safe and practical way to get your child more active. Unlike other classical martial arts, there is very little striking of any kind involved, so your child will never be the one causing a bloody nose at school.

Our Teaching Style Focuses On:
– Building Leadership Qualities
– Recognizing the Individual
– Positive Reinforcement and Reward
– Commitment
– True Self Defense
– Exciting and Fun Classes
– Character Development

Meet The Instructor:

“Prof. Sarah Andersch is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and Pan-American Champion, But she was also a Tenure’d High School Guidance Councilor for over 10 Years. She knows first hand the problems children face in school and the problems faced by the school system! “

Why Choose Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Over Other Martial Arts For Your Child?
Our program teaches kids to use leverage and technique to subdue their opponents, without an emphasis on punching and kicking. It allows students to maximize their strengths, even when faced with a bigger, stronger opponent. Because we teach self-defense without an emphasis on striking our students are able to effectively keep themselves safe without having to resort to hitting anyone.

Our Instructors
Finding a good kids’ instructor can be challenging. Sarah Andersch has been teaching kids’ Brazilian jiu-jitsu for over 8 years, she started teaching at Easton BJJ in 2004. It is her mission to empower kids and teach them to stand up straight and look people in the eye. Ours is a system that kids of all sizes and shapes can be successful in.

How do you get your child started?
We’ve made it very easy to get started. We offer a FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL plus a FREE Uniform upon start up. It will give you a chance to check out the program, meet the instructors and see why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the most in-demand style of martial arts in the world.

If you want your children to learn positive character traits that will last them a lifetime, as well as a form of self-defense that they will take with them forever, then submit the form and help them succeed!